After one failed Kickstarter, Arcen Games has regrouped and launched a much more successful campaign the second time around.

Arcen Games AI War 2 Kickstarter Relaunch Gets Full Funding in 22 Hours

After one failed Kickstarter, Arcen Games has regrouped and launched a much more successful campaign the second time around.

After the unsuccessful funding of the original AI War II Kickstarter campaign, Chris Park of Arcen Games went back to the drawing board. After some reworks internally and figuring out a new plan for a Kickstarter campaign, Park relaunched it with a funding goal of $50,000. Within 22 hours, the game received full funding and stretch goals have been set.

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What is AI War II?

AI War II is a grand strategic RTS where the player must survive against an inhuman enemy who has conquered the galaxy. To survive the player must steal as much technology as possible and take enough territory to fortify bases and launch attacks.

The problem is that the more territory you gain, the more you begin to get the attention of your enemy, the AI. You will have to choose carefully what territory you conquer and where you set up your bases. Doing so recklessly will only result in certain annihilation.

Whether you are a newcomer to AI War or a seasoned veteran, there are difficulty settings to suit everyone. One thing is for certain, however — you are always going have the odds against you. This challenging game can be played both in single-player and co-op (up to 8 players).

What are the Stretch Goals?

Since reaching the funding goal of $50,000, a total of three stretch goals has been announced by Park ranging from $65,000 – $90,000.

The first of the stretch goals is Music. Should the campaign reach $65,000, the game will feature an hour-long soundtrack from seminal Arcen composer Pablo Vega. It will include 30 minutes of original tracks for AI War II, along with 30 minutes of re-orchestrated “top hits” from the original game.

The second stretch goal is Spire. If funding reaches $80,000, the Spire race will return as a playable race. This feature was originally a part of the game before the funding goal had to be lowered.

The third and (for now) final stretch goal is Nemesis, a new diabolical enemy within the ranks of the AI. Its sole purpose is to explore the galaxy looking for you and finding any major flaws the AI can use to exploit.

The stretch goals all seem interesting and are looking to really add some quality content to the game.

Rising from the ashes

Despite all the ups and downs over the years with Arcen Games, Chris Park has time and time again shown his resilience. Where most developers would have easily folded by now, Park and his team still stand proud.

Even are after the failure of In Case of Emergency Release Raptor followed by a failing Kickstarter campaign, they still keep their chins up. Even with the relaunch of the Kickstarter and the funding goal being literally one-sixth of the original, Park is showing as much enthusiasm as ever. So here’s hoping the rest of his development for AI War 2 goes well. 

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