ArchAge Launch Suffering From Issues; Trion’s Servers Under Attack

Although ArcheAge's monumental launch has attracted a plethora of Patrons and Founders, launch struggled from the first moment it began. Today, Trion revealed exactly why so many issues were occurring - a horrifically timed DDoS attack.
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If you’ve been trying to get in to Trion’s new ArchAge as a founder since early on September 12, it’s likely that you may have experienced a few issues. While some of this is due to the sheer magnitude of people who purchased the game, Trion recently exposed a different reason for the issues.

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On September 13, the following message rolled out on Trion’s Twitter, Facebook, and forums:

A veritable plethora of issues seems to be stemming from both the server issues and the DDos issues. No specific timeframe has been given for a complete recovery, but the support team has confirmed that both Trion and the Glyph support team are working as hard as they can to recover access.

Curious if your issue falls under the current struggle? According to Trion’s support page, all of the following fall under known issues:

Network Operation Timeouts

 Login Failures

 (Small pop-up box says “Login Failed)

Players are also experiencing difficulty receiving the authenticator login code when trying to log in. This seems to be occurring whether you are logging in from a new location or not–and thus, may or may not be related to the DDoS.

If you are experiencing other issues unrelated to authenticator problems, like long queues or missing founder pack items, this has also been acknowledged. You can learn more at the new ArchAge Forums. 

 What You Can Do

Firstly: take a breath. 

Trion’s doing everything they can right now to get the servers up and running. 

DDoS’s can be wildly unpredictable, and they certainly aren’t always easy to overcome. Further, no launch ever occurs without at least one or two bugs. This comes part and parcel with technology. While there’s plenty that can be done to help reduce the likelihood of issues occurring, it just isn’t realistic to expect 100% perfection. 

Additionally, the launch period for a new game is the ideal time for a DDoS to have maximum impact on players, and thus, Trion as a company. A quick look through the comments on their Facebook page will illustrate this all too well.

It’s less about a flawless launch, and more about what Trion can do to resolve the situation as quickly as possible; as of now, they’re working as hard as they can.

Understandably, that can be a tough pill to swallow when you’ve just purchased the Founder’s Pack. But slamming them with support requests isn’t likely to get you any further than you currently are. As of 5:44 PM on September 13, the estimated wait time for support tickets was about 96 hours. 

Although it may be difficult, the best course of action to take is to monitor the forums, check Trion’s Twitter page and Facebook, and keep yourself apprised of what progress they have made.

If issues are resolved and you still experience problems, your support ticket can be placed then. Better still, it will likely take far less than 96 hours to respond.


Want to see the DDoS in action? IPViking has a live map that may show just that. Although it’s impossible to tell exactly which attack is which, the map currently shows a mass of attacks targeting San Francisco, California. 

That just happens to be where Trion’s headquarters are located.

Click here to see it.

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