ArcheAge in English ‘Friends and Family’ Alpha

ArcheAge is edging ever-closer to an actual English beta.

ArcheAge is edging ever-closer to an actual English beta.

We’ve heard a great deal about ArcheAge over the past year, but we’ve seen very little in the way of an English release. With the Korean launch having happened a year ago and the game making the rounds in Japan, China, and Russia;  it’s almost time for the English-speaking world to take a crack at it.

It was announced early last year that Trion Worlds, best known for MMORPG RIFT, was at the head of the ArcheAge localization for North America and Europe. Very little word on the game’s localization has been publicly mentioned until now.

Trion Worlds is currently allowing friends and family to alpha test ArcheAge, with 80% of the UI and much of the quest text translated to a point. Further translations and the implementation of the in-game store are still on the chopping block before Trion will begin moving toward the beta phase.

Now for some potentially better news! user Dauzqul posted a snippet from a Trion Worlds RIFT Q&A from last week, in which antsy ArcheAge Source members chimed in witha couple of questions about ArcheAge and its localization.

Trion’s Dahanese mentions either news about beta or the beta itself will be coming ‘much sooner’ than in 6 months’ time.

Dahanese: no AA today.
Dahanese: we haven’t announced our date yet
Dahanese: but soooon
Dahanese: much sooner than 6 months

You can read the entire conversation in this post on

With the rest of the world either already having seen or played the game, it’s about time we see some real information from Trion Worlds over the much-anticipated English release. A little late is better than nothing at all.

Those anticipating seeing Jake Song’s sandbox MMORPG make its way over here may be nervous about ArcheAge seeing the light in North America and Europe in 2014. With big MMORPG names like Wildstar and The Elder Scrolls Online seeing release this year, Trion Worlds will have to be careful about their timing lest they lose their thunder.

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