Are You Getting Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Next Week?

On August 23, enter Adam Jensen's augmented world once more.

The next (and possibly last) big title of the summer, Deus Ex: Mankind Dividedhits stores next week. Are you going to enter the world of augmentation once again?

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The Square Enix-published title is the first direct sequel the series has ever had, keeping the same protagonist as Human Revolution, Adam Jensen. This time around he’s on a mission to take down the Illuminati — the people responsible for the drastic events that occurred at the end of the previous title.

The world, as the title states, is having segregation issues over the use of augmentations. People with artificial enhancements, or “augs,” are being persecuted by more purist factions, leading to many different activist groups and terrorist organizations that Adam Jensen will meet along the way. The player’s choices will once again shape the world around them.

But with his new challenges, Jensen brings new experimental augmentations to his battles, such as tesla shockwaves and speed boosts reminiscent of The Six Million Dollar Man. His expanded arsenal makes him more deadly than ever, but it’s up to the player to use their powers how they want.

Deus Ex has always been a series about approaching scenarios the way you want to, and Eidos Montreal has been promising more options for stealth and action for all players to find their own style of infiltration. The only question left is — are you going to pick up Mankind Divided when it releases?

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will be out August 23, on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. For more information on the game, head to their website. And if you still need to pre-order your copy, you can check out our Deus Ex buying guide

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