Arena Of Heroes Open Beta!

Arena of Heroes is a multiplayer, turn-based, tactical game for PC, Mac, and iPad.

Arena of Heroes is a multiplayer, turn-based, tactical game for PC, Mac, and iPad.
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A Multiplayer Tactical Turn-Based MOBA? Oh boy.

I wouldn’t blame you if the title header and skinny have left you some what confused. A turn-based MOBA sounds pretty weird but that was why I really wanted to write an article about this game. I mean, I know the idea may sound very strange and pretty off putting to hardcore fans of the MOBA genre but you have to give the guys at Sneaky Games some respect for stepping outside of the normal and trying to change things up a bit. 

What is it?

As I explained before Arena of Heroes is a free-to-play, cross platform, turn-based, tactical MOBA for PC, Mac, and iPad where one player controls an entire team of four heroes. Each player when it’s their turn will be able to select their heroes and move or attack with them. After the turn is over, Minions will then automatically take their turn (usually involves them moving around a bit and doing a bit of attacking). Then the next player gets a turn.

Let’s talk about the money aye?

When you sign up for the game you will receive 4 heroes, (everyone gets the same 4 heroes) Max, the Bunari Gunner, and Tempest, the Paladin of Erdo for free. Two additional Heroes will always be free as well, on a two-week rotation.

Coins and Gems is the currency you’ll be spending in AOH. 

  • Coins: are earned as a reward for playing the game, you can use coins to buy everything other than hero skins.
  • Gems: are purchasable with real money. You can use gems to unlock new heroes or to unlock skins for your favorite heroes.

You can also buy Boosts which will increase the rate that you gain Fame (exp).

Final thoughts.

When I first started researching at this game to make this article I honestly thought that it sounded fairly bad. However after reading more about it, for some reason it feels far more inviting. I doubt this game will replace League of Legends for me or even get a huge fan base but I will give it a go and see what it’s all about.

I’ll post a video in the next coming weeks giving you my honest impressions of Arena of Heroes.

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