Ark: Survival Evolved mod contest and Survival of the Fittest game mode

Ark: Survival Evolved launches a mod competition after releasing a game mode called Survival of the Fittest.
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Ark: Survival Evolved started out as just a Steam Early Access game this past June and has sky rocketed in popularity. Using a survival theme and including a heavy multiplayer base, Studio Wildcard developed a winning game that has generated tons of revenue, and has thus resulted in a modding competition for the public.

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Letting your creativity flow

“creative souls can easily generate their own Ark items, weapons, creatures, maps and game modes to share with fellow survivors online.”

If you feel up to the challenge of creating a mod for Ark: Survival Evolved, they’ve released a version of their Unreal Engine 4 editor that they specifically used in creation of the game. To aid those who want to contribute, Studio Wildcard has also released a Dev Kit through Epic Games Launcherusing both tools you’ll be able to showcase your creations with fellow players online. 

The contest will feature a large prize pool of over $25,000 in cash and prizes, more specifically, a grand prize of $15,000 and an Alienware Area-51 and an Nvidia GeForceGTX 980 Ti. For such a large prize it’s expected that the mods that are produced are above par. 

Bringing Hunger Games to Ark: Survival Evolved

Developed strictly from Studio Wildcard, they’ve released a game mode called Survival of the Fittest, which includes a custom map and a dome-force that slowly shrinks the map as the match continues. Since the map will shrink while the game goes on, leveling, producing items, and taming creatures becomes a more difficult task. A new feature called Evolution Events occurs every 30 minutes that brings random events such as: crazy weather conditions, dinosaur stampedes, supply drops, day-to-night shifts, and player location reveal. Using Evolution Events, you’ll never know what to expect in Survival of the Fittest.The Ark: Survival Evolved game mode Survival of the Fittest might seem familiar because very recently a five-hour tournament took place on Twitch with over 70 live-streamers all aiming to win a $30,000 prize pool. 

If Survival of the Fittest seems like something you’d want to check out, it’s a free plug-in on steam through the Steam Workshop.

Have you tried Survival of the Fittest? Do you plan on downloading it?

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