ARMA 3 Changes Location Name To Avoid… Unpleasantness

The fictional setting of ARMA 3 is having its name changed to be less similar to the real-life island in Greece it was inspired by to avoid complications or further espionage charges against the devs.
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ARMA 3 has decided to take a hint from real-life experience.  The game has been set to take place on the fictional island of Limnos, a Mediterranean island that seems rather obviously based on the actual island of Lemnos, one of the islands of Greece.

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The change is not surprising.  Two of ARMA 3’s developers were detained while on vacation in Greece on espionage charges for months, only having been released on bail this January.  According the the Greek government, the two were taking photographs of military areas that they considered sensitive.  While the two devs, Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar, both insist that they were taking only standard tourist-style photos, the case remains open despite their bail.

The new name for the fictional setting will be Altis, a name the developer notes still holds the Mediterranean feel while being different enough to disarm potential complications to the ongoing espionage case or further accusations of more such activity.

Bohemia Interactive hopes the name change will help firmly establish that the setting is different while keeping the feel of ARMA 3 intact.

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