Arma 3 Game Update 0.72: Lets Get Some Beta Action

Arma 3 Spotrep #00007 details many many updates to the beta. Too many to list here, check the source for all of them.

Arma 3 Spotrep #00007 details many many updates to the beta. Too many to list here, check the source for all of them.
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Spotrep #00007

Game Update 0.72

There are a massive amount of updates in this one, as is usual with betas. This decently sized ~885MB update for the Arma 3 Beta is going to be adding a lot of new content.

As there is so much content being added I will outline the main updates for the beta, as well as how that has been improved in this update.

So what is beta in the beta? (reusable jokes are…sorry)

Remember that one mission in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 called The Pit? Yes, it’s that one, where you shoot targets, or even that mission in its predecessor Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, F.N.G, yep the one where you storm a ship, except made of cardboard… Well you can now do that in Arma, except it is a lot more complex, and involves weapon switching, and leaning, also longer distance shooting of moving and static targets, with prone and crouch added for extra difficulty. Well they have now added a few improvements to this.

  • “For lazy Mr. Endstar” there is now an automatic reload and resupply added upon restart of the mission.
  • Ability to quit after finishing the CoF (Course of Fire), meaning you can now quit when you finish that Firing Drill Challenge, you can just quit if you’re a Mr/Mrs Perfect.
  • The last change I will talk about is the addition of an audio cue when you are going over the another medal, just so you know you are being Mr/Mrs Slow Coach.
Now some changes on other things:
  • Helicopters are now more agile.
  • Parachutes have been added to light helicopters, and all passengers in all helicopters can now eject and paradrop on those pesky enemy lines. Hopefully not Band of Brothers style (scattered over half of the place you are landing in).
  • Cargo parachutes for supports are here too!
Staying with the vehicle theme:
  • You now cannot go from the cargo/flatbed of a Truck to the cabin, meaning getting out and stopping running around and getting it, realism can be a pain sometimes, but I like this one.
  • Collision damage is tweaked for vehicles, they will now be more resistance especially at lower speeds.
  • Wheels of APCs have now be moved from a flying vehicle, to actually being on the road.
  • The Zamak’s wheels destruction has been tweaked, changing the radius of those destroyed wheels.
For some weapons:
  • OPFOR Recon should have its guns back (GUNZZ I SAY!).
  • Katiba has it’s variants back.
  • Aiming of the ACP-C2 has been adjusted, and it now uses .45 magazines.
  • Also with the ACP-C2, but also the Vermin, they now have sound suppressors, for their .45 ammo.

Right–I think that is all with that, otherwise this will go on too long.

Let’s talk about Engine updates.
  • Steam friend invites! Woop. Wait…does that mean I can invite my friends, with less effort, happy times for Lazies, that’s the second Lazies fix.
  • Wind synchronisation is now in MP.
  • The body damage system has been improved, well at least the detection part of it.
  • AI use Thermal Imaging when available, so stay frosty.
  • You can now get into vehicles which cannot move, so shooting from a techne with no engine will be a good tactile option, if there is only 2 enemies, who are not looking at you, and do not have any sort of explosive weapons.
  • No copying backpacks, when trying to place a vest or uniform in there.

To see all the updates, check out the source.

For buying the game on Steam, or directly from Bohemia, click on the respective name, and when the beta ends, you get access to the full game.

For any other information about the beta, click here.

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