Arma 3 Helicopters DLC Out Now

Arma 3 Helicopters DLC is out. It will feature two new helicopters. Alongside this DLC there is a free platform update with several new features.

Arma 3 Helicopters DLC is out. It will feature two new helicopters. Alongside this DLC there is a free platform update with several new features.

A new DLC for Arma 3 called Helicopters DLC out now. The DLC includes new helicopters and has been released along side a free update full of new vehicle-related features.

The CH-67 Huron Helicopter

This is, in look and usage, similar to the currently used Chinook. It’s primarily used for transportation of troops and equipment. This also means it has a tandem rotor system, each rotor with its own engine, making this a very powerful lifter but also very large. There are two variants in game – armed and transport versions.

The Mi-290 Taru Helicopter

This is also used for transportation of troops and equipment, but different from the CH-67 Huron it has a modular design. You are able to attach different modules to it changing the primary focus. When its troop carrying module is attached (see image here) your troops sit in a 8 seater platform suspended from the helicopters airframe. Which causes your troops to be more exposed, but will allow for quick loading and unloading. It has a coaxial rotor system, meaning that there is no tail rotor (or rear anti torque), instead each rotor spins in different directions to counter a helicopters tendency of spinning in place.

Other additions with the DLC include Time Trials for you to put your pilot skills to the test, and a Sling Loading Showcase. I will talk about sling loading later. 

Free platform update

Alongside the DLC is also included a free platform update, available to all owners of Arma 3 whether you buy the DLC or not.

The update includes:

  • A sling loading system, which was previously only available with mods. This system allows you to carry vehicles and objects (eg. ammo boxes). The two new helicopters available in the DLC are able to use this system.

The CH-67 Huron using the sling loading system on a container.

  • A whole new, and optional flight model, dubbed the RotorLib helicopter flight model. This is a similar model to Take on Helicopters, so expect much more realistic handling of all helicopters with this on.
  • A new VR training course for you to get to grips with the new RotorLib flight model.
  • New objects, including ropes, cranes and tool boxes. This is mostly for the Arma 3 content creation community more than the average player.
  • A new multiplayer mode called Support. In this mode you are tasked with transporting friendly units around the battlefield, for a sector control type game mode. Part of this mode also includes logistical support (transporting supplies or vehicles) and medevac.
  • You can now fire from vehicles. This means without getting out your helicopter or ground vehicle you can engage enemies. Of course not all vehicles will work with this, only ones which are you are outside, like in the back of the Off-road or when on the side of the MH-9 Hummingbird.

 Firing from the back of an Off-road.

Arma 3 Helicopters DLC will set you back €12.99, £10.99 or $15.99, buy it from the BIS Store, or from Steam. If you bought the DLC Bundle you will have all the extra content as well as the upcoming Marksmen DLC. Make sure to check if you have DLC before purchasing. If you are unsure how see, check here.

What do you think of the price of this DLC against the amount of content it offers? Is a good price, too much or not enough?

I would say that the price would cover all the free content as well as DLC, but is a little steep for just the DLC. Especially considering you can only use the sling loading system if you have the DLC.

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