ARMA Devs Out on Bail

The two developers from Bohemia Interactive are out on bail and on their way home after being held 120 days on espionage charges.
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Getting into legal trouble is never pleasant.  When that legal trouble involves espionage charges, that goes straight from unpleasant to seriously awful.  The two ARMA developers, Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar, who were held in Greece on exactly that charge after taking photographs of locations in the upcoming ARMA 3 have been held for 120 days in that position, but they are finally catching at least a small break.

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Heading Home

The pair are finally out on bail, with the translated cost of that bail being at €5000.  The pair are on their way home at this writing, which is sure to make fans of both ARMA and the upcoming DayZ Standalone happy, as their incarceration has definitely impacted the progress on the latter and certainly has the former.

While the case itself is not resolved, both Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar are still technically charged with espionage and the charges have not been dropped, it is unclear exactly how the case will proceed from here.


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