Art of Conquest Sees Very Successful Post-Launch Month

Art of Conquest the new strategy genre mash up has had a very successful launch according to a new infographic and dev diary

Art of Conquest had a successful launch, with over 1 million downloads of the game in its first month. To celebrate the milestone, Lillith Games released an infographic detailing the stats of what players were doing in this first month.

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According to the infographic, there were:

  • 67,981,722 battles
  • 51,125 guilds
  • 52,540,066,094 gold collected
  • 2,104,906 slain bosses
  • 73,377 conquered cities
  • 256,308,486 looted items
  • 130,180,246 killed troops
  • 12,819,141 potions used

With that much happening in a month, it’s clear that the mobile title isn’t going away soon.

While the company gave such positive news about the game’s success, Lilith Games has also discussed concerns with the game in the most recent dev diary called “The Lost Leader”. Recently, the dev team has dealt with player complaints concerning House Leaders that go inactive. Players of Art of Conquest have dealt with Leaders who never return to the game, leaving players unable to find a new leader or remove the old one.

One solution is the Elder: a role selected by the leader who has the same abilities as a leader when they are inactive. However, Elders are unable to select new Elders and a House will be leaderless if they are also inactive. However, Lilith Games is working on a solution to this problem.

Lord D., producer and designer for Art of Conquest, said:

“Players have asked for a possibility to ban/kick/replace Lost Leaders and of course we are going to do something about this. Although the system is not quite ready for launch yet, we want to let you know that we are very much aware of this issue and that we have been thinking of ways to solve it.” 

Art of Conquest is a game with many genres — mixing strategy, MMOs, and town management into one game. The title lets you choose from separate races, work together with friends to conquer towns of other players, amass an army, loot from enemy caravans, and fight many types of bosses.  

It’s currently available to download on both Google Play and the Apple App Store. 

Need some help getting started with the game? Check out our Art of Conquest guides for extra tips!

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