Piece of Cake Studios announces stealth co-op Hacktag available on Steam Early Access.

Asymmetric Stealth Co-Op Hacktag on Steam Early Access

Piece of Cake Studios announces stealth co-op Hacktag available on Steam Early Access.

French indie game developer Piece of Cake Studios announced on June 1 that their asymmetric co-op stealth game Hacktag is now available through Steam Early Access. Piece of Cake Studios says the Early Access version of the game “allows players to experience the core mechanics of the game both online and locally with a split screen mode.” The Early access version contains the game’s experience system, as well as “some customization options,” and nine playable levels, with the promise of more playable maps on a weekly basis.

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Here’s Hacktag’s early access launch trailer:

Piece of Cake Studios’ co-founder Marine Lemaitre emphasizes Early Access players’ influence on the final game, stating that the game “requires thorough testing and iteration. We’re counting on players’ feedback through suggestions and surveys.”

Hacktag puts two players into the role of either a hacker or a stealth agent – both cute cat people – who work together to steal from any of the game’s three different corporations in three different mission types. The hacker can see computer systems, alarms, and cameras through a stylized isometric interface, while the stealth agent sneaks around in the real world, though from the same isometric view. Each player needs to work with the other to steal data, shut down cameras, and avoid guards.

Hacktag is available on Steam Early Access for $14.99, but it has a 25% discount until June 9.

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