Atari Rebooting Asteroids as Sandbox Survival Game

Atari is releasing a reboot of Asteroids and is completely changing the genre.

Atari is releasing a reboot of Asteroids and is completely changing the genre.

Asteroids is getting a reboot, and it won’t be pleasing fans of the original arcade shooter. Asteroids: Outpost is going to be a “re-imagining,” or essentially, a whole new game altogether.

Atari’s press release explains the transition into an open-world survival game. Players will craft, expand, and protect their base while exploring on a really big asteroid. They’ll run into enemies and alliances along the way.

What makes this a reboot of Asteroids?

The only real nostalgic factor in Asteroids: Outpost will be shooting at smaller asteroids to pull in resources to help build upon your base and equipment. Of course, that was enough for Fred Chesnais, the Atari CEO, to say that this game will capture the attention of both fans of the classic arcade game and those that love to play survival games and MMOs.

It will depend on how the shooting of asteroids and using them as resources is implemented. Obviously, it will be a big part of the game, but will it be the most important? Or will other aspects of the game have more focus, such as the establishment of other relationships?

Asteroids: Outpost is being developed by Salty Games and will be available on PC. Atari says that the game available on Early Access on Steam later. This is the third reboot of a classic franchise by Atari, whose also announced Haunted House: Cryptic Graves and Alone in the Dark: Illumination.

What are your first impressions on the announcements of the Asteroids reboot?

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