Atari’s E.T. Not Allowed To Rest In Peace – Film Crew to Dig Up Game’s Grave Site

"It doesn't make sense, but it makes no difference."

"It doesn't make sense, but it makes no difference."

It’s often been said that Atari’s 1982 E.T. is the worst game ever created. Hell, I’ve even said it. Atari themselves have condemned the poor game to be buried deep in the desert of New Mexico to remove all trace of their company ending mistake. After all these years, I’m sure they believed their little mishap was silenced for good. Even now there is nothing more scary than a desert and a giant hierarchy of suits who don’t want people to know something. I know I wouldn’t have messed with them.


“Listen, we know it’s not you’re fault. You did the best you could. It’s understandable. One thing though–get rid of the games or we’ll get rid of you.”

Turns out this isn’t quite true. Seems that a film company named Fuel Industries, according to KRQEhas received permission to attempt to dig up the games for up to 6 months time. Apparently the Alamogordo’s City Commission have approved this venture, which aims to film a documentary on the legend surrounding the landfill.

It certainly would be a shock to all those former employees from Atari involved in the game. How could they have ever guessed their games would be more famous when dead then alive?

This current attempt to raise E.T. back to life is a result of a 30 year anniversary since when they were supposedly buried there. What the film makers will find is questionable. After all, many sources have noted that these games were actually crushed and covered with concrete. Makes it a little hard to believe that anything major will actually occur as a result of this little exercise. Besides, of course, angering all those retired suit wearing Atari bosses that – for the sake of your wellbeing – are better left alone. 

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