Atlas Fallen Gameplay Trailer Takes Us Deeper Into the Sands

Get an overview of the gameplay in the latest trailer for Atlas Fallen.

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A new trailer has dropped for the desert adventure RPG Atlas Fallen. An in-depth overview of the game’s story and combat mechanics, it features over five minutes of gameplay footage. Atlas Fallen will release on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on August 10 and is available for pre-order now. This is what we learned about the world and its enemies.

We now know who the mysterious god-like being first hinted at in previous trailers is. Thelos, the Sun God, has destroyed what humanity built, leaving its people Unnamed. Forcing them to excavate ruins to gather Essence, it’s here that you come across the Gauntlet. An ancient tool and weapon that uses the Essence found throughout Nature, this will launch you on your path to take down Thelos and save humanity.

Video via Focus Entertainment

Along with the general story of Atlas Fallen, we got a glimpse of the combat mechanics and HUD utilized in the game. The Gauntlet can be equipped with different abilities and passives from Essence Stones. Found in ruins, dropped as loot from the monsters of the land, known as Wraiths, or forged yourself, these are what give you Gauntlet fighting fury. With 151 Essence Stones in the game, there are myriad possibilities of how to play and bring down the largest of Wraiths.

Not only does the Gauntlet give you battle abilities, but it also lets you speed across the sand, fly through the sky, and raise former ruins from their sandy tombs. If you’d rather play with a friend, the full campaign features drop-in, drop-out co-op for double the fun.

Get ready to take down a God with Atlas Fallen this summer. Keep GameSkinny in mind for the latest news on the RPG, as well as guides when the game is finally released.

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