Atlus asks fans their preferred platforms every year, but a new question has some hoping for something more than a questionnaire.

Atlus Teases Persona on Switch (Yet Again) in Yearly Survey

Atlus asks fans their preferred platforms every year, but a new question has some hoping for something more than a questionnaire.

Atlus likes to tease its fans. The company’s yearly survey is proof of that, where the dev asks participants what Atlus games they’d like to see and on which platforms. This year’s survey takes things further by asking survey takers which franchises they’d be most excited to see on Nintendo Switch, including Persona.

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The franchises in question run the gamut of what amounts to the entire mainstream Atlus catalog, with nearly all the Shin Megami Tensei titles, all five Persona games, spinoffs like Persona Q — more of which would certainly be welcome — Catherine, Dragon’s Crown, and Etrian Odyssey.

How sincere Atlus is about possibly bringing any of these to the Switch, who knows, especially since Etrian Odyssey relies so heavily on a second screen.

Yet it does seem like the company might be paying more attention to the Switch now. Every year, the survey asks fans what platforms they’re most interested in and what they want from Atlus’ franchises moving forward. This year is the first time the company asked specifically about Switch ports of its earlier titles.

It’s not hard to see why fans are excited about the possibilities. Last year’s addition of Persona 5‘s Joker to Smash Ultimate convinced many that Persona 5 would be ported to the Switch, as did the logo for P5S and the possibility of getting Persona 5 Royal on the Switch.

The former turned out to be Persona 5 Scramble, and Atlus was ambiguous and noncommittal about whether P5 Royal would come to other platforms.

So perhaps this survey is a sign of things to come after all. Either way, Atlus received far more responses than it anticipated and closed the survey three days early.

Whatever Atlus does or doesn’t port to the Switch, stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Persona 5 and Switch port news as it develops. While we wait for Persona 5 Royal to land at the end of March, be sure to check out our iimpressions of Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers too.

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