Audiosurf 2 – Ride Your Music on Steam

Audiosurf 2 is now available on Steam through early access

Audiosurf 2 is now available on Steam through early access

If you’ve had the pleasure of playing Audiosurf, you’ll love Audiosurf 2. Featured at PAX Prime 2013 and now available on Steam for early access, Audiosurf 2 is proving to be worth the money with all the customizations available that the first game didn’t have. Feel the power as you play your favorite music through the game, and ride it on a wakeboard.

What’s Audiosurf?

Audiosurf is a game on Steam that lets the player ride their music. You play songs through the game, and the game map will change depending upon the song. Faster and louder songs are more intense, while slower and softer songs are a nice joy ride. With unlimited map possibilities, you’ll have fun for hours while playing Audiosurf.

What’s Audiosurf 2?

As expected with sequels, they’re more impressive than the first. In Audiosurf as you would ride on your music, you wouldn’t have much customizations, just difficulty modes. With Audiosurf 2, there are different mods and skins for you to choose from. Battle for your top score like in the original, as you play against other players for the win, made for single player, but with local co-op.

A new feature within the game is a type of party mode called Audiosprint that will surely have more updates as the game is heading out of early access mode.

Keep in mind, if you go for early access, you’ll come across some bugs that you should report as feedback to make the game speed up a bit more in development.

Also note that some things aren’t finished with the game including the scoreboard, gamepad support in menus, translations from English, and much more. As the game progresses you’ll get these updates first hand, and can experience the glory of Audiosurf 2.

Do you plan on getting Audiosurf 2? Are you a huge fan of Audiosurf? Leave me a comment below.

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