Audiosurf Air Trailer Turns Surfing into Soaring

Flying high with Audiosurf Air! I hope.

Flying high with Audiosurf Air! I hope.

Audiosurf Air‘s been more than a little elusive over the past few months, but it’s certainly still in development. The trailer above shows off the soaring aspect of the game, which lifts players up from the familiar three-lane track.

One notable difference from the original title (sans flying) is how close the point of view is to the track, which may prove to make Audiosurf Air‘s gameplay even more intense — though it is possible the air segments will detract from that intensity if they remain as they are in the trailer above. Flying is cool, but being taken away from the action is not. This is especially the case when talking about Audiosurf, which remains one of the most absorbing rhythm games on the PC.

Head on over the official site to get a look at some screenshots. Let’s hope we see more footage and get an official release date on Audiosurf Air soon.

(Via Rock, Paper, Shotgun)

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