Avast Landlubbers, the Latest Pokemon Masters EX Event is Here

Face off against legendary foes and get some slick loot in the Pokemon Masters EX Land and Sea event.

Face off against legendary foes and get some slick loot in the Pokemon Masters EX Land and Sea event.

The latest Pokemon Masters EX event is Land and Sea Awaken, which runs from May 16 at 11:00 p.m. PDT to May 27 at 10:59 p.m. PDT. While you won’t get to add Groudon or Kyogre to your teams just yet, you will get a chance to add Nessa and Bea to your party, each with a special variant of their Pokemon.

The first part of the Pokemon Masters EX event centers around fighting Kyogre and Groudon to stop abnormal weather from devastating Pasio, but you’ll need weather tickets to start the battles.

Winning these battles earns you five-star power-ups and co op sync orbs, and you’ll also get a Team Magma or Team Aqua badge depending on which legendary you defeat the most times. Even if you don’t want the badge, it’s worth fighting Groudon and Kyogre in Pokemon Masters EX anyway. Sometime during the event, DeNA will release five-star power-ups and move candies depending on how many battles you’ve engaged in.

That’s just part one of the new Pokemon Masters EX event. Part two involves recruiting Nessa and Dreadnaw plus Bea and Sirfetch’d to your teams. Both Pokemon have special moves, including Wash Away for Dreadnaw, that make the most of their unique skills, and the pairs will be available to scout until May 28 at 10:59 p.m. PDT.

Finally is the Solo Event with Nessa and Bea, available until the same time as well. If you’ve completed Chapter 1, you can take part in a series of events starring Nessa, Bea, Misty, and Maylene and earn vouchers to trade for Scout Tickets, among other items.

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