Award-winning Indie Game, Proteus, Comes to PS3 and Vita

Ambient, award-winning, indie game makes its way to PS3 and Vita.

Ambient, award-winning, indie game makes its way to PS3 and Vita.

Proteus, the award-winning PC indie game, is now making its way into the big leagues. Curve Studio and Sony announced that the game will be making its way to PS3 and Vita this coming fall.

A Pixely World of Pure Imagination

Proteus, developed by Ed Key and music by David Kanaga, is a game of audio-visual exploration and discovery. Basically, you’re walking around to ambient music. It is super peaceful and pretty interesting as shown by Nerd³ Plays Proteus.

Seriously, guys, this game looks pretty great. Just spending hours following a frog from the comfort of my couch? Yeah, I like that.

Curve Studio is hoping that Proteus will get even more raves than before, which were a lot since it got some pretty big awards. The devs are saying that the PS3 and Vita versions will be “even better than the PC original.

If you want to go ahead and get your hands on some awesome indie ambient gaming, Proteus is available now on Steam for $10.00. It is also coming to PS3 and Vita this fall, so keep an eye out.

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