Baba Yaga Base Builder Reka Shown at Summer Game Fest

Reka, originally announced in January 2023, has a new trailer highlighting it's base building mechanics.

Image via Fireshine Games

Get ready to channel your inner witch, as Reka has a new trailer. Shown at the Summer Game Fest, the trailer focuses in on the base building the game offers, as well as the environments. Coming in 2024 for PC, here’s what we know about Reka.

Reka is a Slavic inspired base building game where you’re trying to become a witch. Under the tutelage of Baba Jaga, you travel across the land in your giant chicken bottomed home. As you travel you get to explore the various regions, from autumn forest to small village in winter, helping those that come to you for aid.

The highlight of this trailer is the base building aspect of the game. You start with the small home, and as you progress through Reka you can build taller and taller. With constraints on how wide your home can be, the only place to build is up. Unlock new items to decorate with through a variety of quests. Make your base an herbalist’s dream or a dark witches den. You’ll have complete creative freedom on how your chicken house is designed, aside from the chicken.

The trailer is calming, with music evocative of the area and time being represented. Developed by Emberstorm Entertainment, their goal for creative and atmospheric titles is certainly portrayed in the video. A new indie studio established in 2020, Reka will be Emberstorm Entertainment’s first published title.

There’s no current release date aside from 2024. You can check out the Reka Steam page and add it to your wishlist. Stay tuned for any updates as we learn more about the game.

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