Barotrauma 1.0 to Surface March 13 With New Content

Survive the frozen waters of Europa as Barotrauma launches 1.0 on March 13.

Survive the frozen waters of Europa as Barotrauma launches 1.0 on March 13.
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Daedalic Entertainment has announced Barotrauma‘s exit from Early Access. March 13 the multiplayer submarine survival sim launches update 1.0, commencing its full release on PC. 

A co-op game set in the waters of Jupiter’s moon, Europa, you and up to 15 others play as submarine captain, engineers, mechanics, medics or security officers trying to survive the alien waterways. Explore wrecked submarines or ruins for artifacts, battle ferocious alien creatures and craft all manner of items. Looking to play alone? The game also features single player quests and campaign, as well as a sandbox mode.

Barotrauma released into early access on Steam almost four years ago. Take a look at our first impressions of the game when it initially released. The journey to full launch has been a long one. Just the work for the 1.0 update took almost a year, as expressed in the team’s Steam update post. With over 2.5 million game units sold and a close relationship with the gaming community, the full launch is a highly anticipated event. 

Behind the Scenes

To celebrate the planned 1.0 release, Daedalic Entertainment has given us a behind the scenes video with FakeFish, the developers of Barotrauma. Learn about the team’s gameplay first design approach, fleshing out the frozen world, and more. 

The team doesn’t plan to stop updating the game after 1.0, however. There are plans to improve the less played game modes as well as other new content.

Featured image via Daedalic Entertainment

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