Barotrauma's June 5 Early Access build looks awesome, but you can try the pre-alpha for free if you want to get a feel for it.

Barotrauma Hitting Steam Early Access June 5th, Try the Free Pre-alpha!

Barotrauma's June 5 Early Access build looks awesome, but you can try the pre-alpha for free if you want to get a feel for it.
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Have you noticed Barotrauma on Steam yet? If you’re game for some high-tension underwater exploration and submarine customization with a multiplayer twist, you may want to mark your calendar for the game’s June 5 Early Access launch on Steam.

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Barotrauma intrigued me with its name and gritty icon on the Steam Upcoming Games list, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Currently in closed alpha, Barotrauma will task players with exploring the underwater depths of Jupiter’s frozen moon. It may be humanity’s first step into the depths, but the environment is teeming with life most unwelcoming.

Not too different from subversive co-op games like the classic Space Station 13, the game will allow players to take the reigns as one of the submarine’s staff, from captain to security officer. It will take teamwork, knowledge of the game’s systems, and a steel will to survive in the frozen depths of Jupiter’s moon both within the submarine… and exploring without the safety of its confines.

Also like Space Station 13 and its ilk, Barotrauma will be flexible enough to allow players to play honorably and help the team’s exploration efforts, or be total dinks and subtly or very obviously ruin the mission for everyone involved. Some may say that sounds awful, but if you’ve played these sorts of games before, you know that sort of risk makes the reward of survival all that much sweeter.

It all sounds really fun and looks (quite frankly) terrifying for a thalassophobic mess like myself. Some of the creatures the developers have revealed and some of my time in the pre-alpha version of the game really just scratch that fear itch in the right way.

Speaking of the pre-alpha, did you know you can give it a whirl right now while you wait for the Early Access beta launch?

Though the pre-alpha is quite old and by no means up to par with the upcoming Early Access version, it’s still a fun foray into the game’s unique style of exploration and management and it’s totally free.

The pre-alpha is a good testing point if you’re on the fence before ponying up on Barotrauma‘s Steam Early Access date of June 5. If the game even sounds like your cup of tea, you will probably not be disappointed.

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