Batman: Arkham Knight cannot catch a break on PC.

Batman: Arkham Knight bleeding RAM on PC

Batman: Arkham Knight cannot catch a break on PC.
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It seems the long, dark night for Rocksteady’s final Batman game is far from concluding. As those who had the misfortune of investing in the PC version are discovering that there are a wide number of flaws. The latest one, however, is an incredibly damning one, but the discovery could potentially answer some questions.

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Rocksteady forum user AWOL has discovered that on some PCs, Batman: Arkham Knight will slowly consume RAM at a rate of around 5 to 10 kil0bytes a second. For those who aren’t techsavy, that means in roughly two to three minutes, one megabyte of your RAM is filled. It only takes a thousand megabytes to make one gigabyte of RAM. The average user has anywhere between four to eight gigabytes of RAM, so you’d get hit by slowdown within twenty minutes of starting the game.

It seems to accelerate as well, seeing as it took only forty minutes for AWOL’s PC to become overwhelmed. For the record, AWOL has sixteen gigabytes of RAM.

This includes even if you just stay on the menu screen, according to AWOL’s forum post. He even took a screenshot (pictured above) of his task manager. That is from sitting at the start menu, not even from running the game’s actual open world.

While this latest bug is just another disappointment on top of many, many fumbles, there is a glimmer of hope in this. As users pin down and report the issues, Rocksteady and Warner Bros. can finally begin nailing down the problems. While it still means waiting for fixes, at least users like AWOL are taking a proactive approach to the situation and trying to help get the most pertinent problems highlighted.

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