Batman: Arkham Knight DLC is a Timed Exclusive

Batman's extra content might not be so exclusive this time round.

Batman's extra content might not be so exclusive this time round.
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The Batman: Arkham series has always included some extra goodies for PlayStation gamers. Whether it’s playing as the Joker in Asylum, early free access to the Batman Inc. skin in City, or exclusive challenge maps in Origins, there’s always been an extra something for the PlayStation brand.

While some content has stayed exclusive, that may not be the case for Rocksteady’s upcoming finale Batman: Arkham Knight, according to an Amazon promotional image.

If you can see it on the above image, there’s a little note there that says “Bonus Content exclusive until at least Fall 2015”. This could be a bit of a downer for PS4 gamers but an upswing for Xbox One and PC gamers. This an especially big turn around, seeing as the original Play as the Joker DLC only came to PC as a mod thanks to the Mac version of the game. Origins’ exclusive Knightfall DLC still remains PS3-only DLC pack as well.

Another question raised is how many Batmobile skins are planned.

Previously Batman News found proof of Wal-Mart getting an exclusive “Prototype” skin, but this is the only other skin we’ve seen. Since the Wal-Mart skin promised in-game bonuses, it is safe to assume the same can be said to the Classic TV Batmobile skin.

Want more Arkham Knight tidbits? We’ve got a whole list of them! Until then, we’ll wait with baited breath for Rocksteady’s return. Same Bat-Time, Same Bat-Channel. Let us know your thoughts on the exclusivity below!

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