The Dark Knight is getting a new skin, voice cast, gameplay fixes, and a Photo Mode on PS4

Batman: Arkham Knight Gets PS4 Photo Mode

The Dark Knight is getting a new skin, voice cast, gameplay fixes, and a Photo Mode on PS4
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Batman: Arkham Knight just received update version 1.05 and with it comes a few new features, the most exciting of which is a Photo Mode on the PS4.

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The new Photo Mode, which can also be found in The Last of Us: Remastered, Drive Club, The Order: 1886, Infamous: Second Son, and Shadow of Mordor, allows you to freeze the game, move the camera in any direction and axis, remove the HUD, add filters, and more. It’s a fun feature that allows for some amazing shots.

Here is everything in update 1.05:

  • Photo Mode
  • Force Original Voice Cast option for non-English territories
  • Updates for WBPlay and DLC
  • Support for August additional content
  • General gameplay, graphic, UI, and audio fixes

Also in the update is a new skin for Batman; the Zur-En-Arrh skin. To get the new skin all you have to do is sign up for WBPlay account, and the costume is then available. Zur-En-Arrh is a planet first featured in #113 of Batman, way back in 1958, and the planet has a Batman. Should you sign up for WBPlay you can also get the Anime Batman skin, from Batman: Gotham Knight. Below is an image of the costumes.

The following DLC is available now in August, for Season Pass owners:

1989 Movie Batmobile Pack: Battle through the streets of Gotham City with this pack that includes the Batman skin and Batmobile from the 1989 Batman film, as well as two tracks inspired by the film’s sequel.

The Bat-family Skins Pack: Included in this pack are six character skins based on the alternate timelines – – 1990s Catwoman, One Year Later Robin, Arkham Origins Batman, Iconic Grey & Black Batman, 1970s Batman and the Original Arkham Nightwing.

The only drawback to the 1989 Batmobile skin can only be used in specific portions of the game, mainly the Riddler challenges and race tracks, because it can’t turn into the tank. 

Then September will see the release of more skins for Batman and Catwoman, as well as Crime Fighter challenge Pack #1. Further September DLC is likely to be revealed soon.

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