Batman: Arkham Knight returns to PC, Warner Bros. buys gamers’ affection with lots of free stuff

Free Arkham games. Free early access to Arkham Knight maps. Free Warner Bros. games.

Free Arkham games. Free early access to Arkham Knight maps. Free Warner Bros. games.

Batman: Arkham Knight has officially swooped in and returned to Steam for PC gamers. After its original release in June, it was pulled due to bugs and poor quality. 

Warner Bros. announced that PC players will receive special free content for their troubles with the game. This content includes free Batman: Arkham games, special Arkham Knight pack(s), and the chance to receive free copies of more than two dozen Warner Bros. games on Steam.

These goodies are one giant “thank you” to their PC players. It feels more like they’re trying to buy some affection after releasing a bad edition of a game, but free stuff, right? The lucky deadline for all things free is November 16.

Free Arkham Games

Gamers will be eligible to receive free copies of 4 other Arkham games if they have purchased Arkham Knight before November 16th for PC. Those who purchased the game before the pull do count toward this.

The free games are as follows:

Free Pack for PC Gamers First

Developers from Rocksteady will also be providing a “Community Challenge Pack”.  This pack remains completely mysterious, without any of its content disclosed to the public. All we know is that it will be free and there are maps.

However, Warner Bros. did mention that players will be able to receive the maps from this pack one week before they arrive on consoles. 

Since there is still development happening, more details will be announced for the pack at a later time. Eligibility is based on whether players have purchased Arkham Knight by Nov 16.

Free Warner Bros. Games

Valve and Warner Bros. have teamed up for cross-game promotion of Arkham Knight and Team Fortress 2. The promotion lasts (once again) until November 16, as Valve challenges players to a contest:

Valve will choose winning players who create the best Arkham-themed items for Team Fortress 2. There is no entry limit, but there can only be two contributors per submission. Submit through the Team Fortress Item Import Tool and tag it with “Batman” to be eligible to win.

Valve will determine the winning items that will be given to all players who (you guessed it) purchased Arkham Knight by the Mid-November deadline, 10:00AM PT (1:00PM ET). You must have purchased Arkham Knight to submit as well.

As for the creators of the winning items, these lucky gamers will get more than two dozen free Warner Bros. games that are available on Steam, including:

For more details and guidelines for this contest, as well as the full list of potential games you can win, click here.

In case it didn’t drive home hard enough. What you really need to do to get all this cool stuff is buy Batman: Arkham Knight before November 16. Do that, get free games and packs, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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