Batman: Arkham Origins Multiplayer Announced

It also doesn't look like tacked on, secondary garbage.

It also doesn't look like tacked on, secondary garbage.

A trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins has released, and it focuses on the new multiplayer mode that was absent in previous Batman games. IGN’s Rewind video breaks down a few interesting tidbits about how the game will run. It also sounds as if the two in the video have played the multiplayer and enjoyed it.

The Best News of All

The multiplayer was created by Splash Damage, which is totally separate from the single story creators at WB Montreal. With two companies working on both, hopefully neither mode will feel rushed when Origins drops in October.

When I heard about multiplayer in a game like Batman, I was afraid it would play like Tomb Raider online. Giant team death matches or capture the flag nonsense that would really be a tacked on extra to go with a great single player experience. With a totally different company handling the multiplayer, and creating a 3v3v2 mode, I have to say I’m intrigued.

I loved the first two games and an innovative multiplayer could keep Origins in my Xbox  beyond the single player. I was really excited for this game; now I may pre-order it.

Did you guys like the multiplayer trailer? Does it look like fun or do you think it’ll just be another tacked on multiplayer experience? Let me know down below!

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