Batman Arkham Origins – Special Editions Revealed

New Images revealed showing the Special Editions of Batman: Arkham Origins

New Images revealed showing the Special Editions of Batman: Arkham Origins

Ahead of its October 25th release we can now see what will be in the Special Editions!

The game, a prequel to both the previous Arkham titles, Batman: Arkham Origins will deal with a younger Batman meeting many of his famous adversaries for the first time. The game will feature new weapons such as The Remote Claw which will allow Batman to hit enemies with objects or hit two of them together. It will also include The Batwing to allow Batman to travel much quicker than in previous games.

The North American, Australian and New Zealand version retails for $119.99 and it has a plethora of goodies.

You get a Joker Statue of him behind a desk surrounded a stack of television screens, an 80 page artbook, two pieces of evidence, a glow in the dark map of Gotham, a wanted poster, Prototype Schematics for the Batwing, an Anarky logo stencil, a Wayne Family photo and Intel Dossiers on the 8 assassins within the game.

Oh but wait, there’s more; you also receive a different skin for Batman – his First Appearance outfit from 1939, a Deathstroke Challenge Pack (which includes 2 extra Deathstroke skins for you to unlock as well as bonus maps), a DVD of a feature length documentary about the DC Supervillians……….Oh yeah, and the game itself.

Compared to the UK Version it stacks up very well.

While you get a lot less in terms of goodies in the UK version you do get a pretty cool Batman and Joker 12 inch statue. Similarly priced at £80 the UK version will only be available on Amazon UK.

 The Wii U however will not receive a special edition. 

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