Battleborn Beta live on PS4, Xbox One & PC opens April 13th

PS4 beta testers for Battleborn can begin playing today!

The Battleborn beta is live on PlayStation 4 and open for everyone to play. Preloading of the beta on all platforms started earlier this week. The PC and Xbox One betas will open on April 13th while PS4 players get a head start. The testing period for all three platforms will end on April 18th.

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Beta testers on the PS4 will receive the first DLC pack for free as well as instant access to Alani — the first of five free DLC characters — when she is released in the full version of the game. Those that choose to buy the season pass while playing in the beta will also receive a key that allows them to unlock any character immediately. Players do not need to have a subscription to PlayStation Plus in order to play in the beta. Alani will only be available for beta players on PS4 while PC and Xbox One players will have to wait for full release.

In the beta, you will have access to two story missions, two competitive multiplayer modes, and all 25 launch characters. Some of them will need to be unlocked through various tasks in the game. 

The PS4 beta will also include the character Toby, the mech suit wearing penguin. He will not be available on the other platforms until the full release of the game. 

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