Battleborn is $20 cheaper, thanks to Overwatch

Battleborn is $20 less till Saturday. You have to thank Overwatch for that.

Battleborn is $20 less till Saturday. You have to thank Overwatch for that.

Due to the release of Overwatch for $40 this week, 2K Games has dropped its price for Battleborn by $20 for a limited time. This drop in price doesn’t just affect the game itself, but also affects people interested in buying the Battleborn Digital Deluxe.

In case you missed it, there’s been some controversy over the fact that PC owners can get Overwatch for $40 with just the base game, while console owners have to buy the Origins Edition for $60. That’s why 2K has responded with the price drop.


Battleborn and Overwatch are similar games. Both are first person shooters, with multiplayer, that borrows from games like Team Fortress and DotA. Battleborn has 25 characters you can play with, broken down into three main specs (Support, Attack, Defense). Overwatch has 21 characters, in the Support, Attack, Defense, and Tank roles. As for art style, if you were a fan of BorderlandsBattleborn may do the trick for you. If you are a fan of the art style behind Pixar, Overwatch fits the bill.

With Blizzard’s experience with balancing its multiplayer games, like World of Warcraft, the new first-person shooter is a heavy hitter for the genre — which could explain 2K Game’s reaction with dropping the price on their game. The discount will last till Saturday.

You can get Overwatch here and Battleborn here.

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