Battleborn’s Open Beta is now live!

The open Beta is up and running, it also comes with its own goals!

The open Beta is up and running, it also comes with its own goals!

Battleborn’s open Beta has begun! Enter into Battleborn’s new Open Beta while you can! You can choose from either a story mode, co-op split screen, or a 5v5 arena. The more people that play the more incentives we get, seeing as this time around we have goals to achieve as a collective community of gamers. 

The collective group of beta players across the platforms (PS4, Stea, Xbox One), have been given a gameplay mission. This mission is comprised of three goals: collect 15 billion shards in any mode, complete 1 million story mode episodes, and complete 1 million competitive multiplayer matches. 

If the collective force of the open beta participants reaches these three goals, then each individual player will receive three gold skins! This award is only available through the 18th though.

On top of this, for those of you who pre-order the game, you also will receive five additional gold skins. 

Upon participating in the challenges and their completion, and/or by pre-ordering, you will obtain a redeemable SHiFT code in order to access your skins.  

If you want to learn about even more challenges within the open beta check out their challenges page. 

You can learn a bit more about the game itself and the details of its pre- launch here on a previous GameSkinny article. 

Good luck!

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