Battlefield 4 – Intermittent Connectivity Issues

Players are suffering on Battlefield 4 from intermittent connectivity issues. DICE knows will have more to share on this sometime later?
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Oh, DICE, you have released various patches and updates for Battlefield 4. But now, a new problem arises from the ashes on the battle field. Players scream about the new connectivity issues. The sound of their screams of frustration on the battlefield–can you hear it? Over the sounds of explosions and kill streaks? You do? What do you have to say for yourself?

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“We are continuing to monitor some intermittent connectivity issues affecting some players across various platforms. Thank you for your patience. We will update this with further information as available,” – DICE’s Update on the issue. 

Oh, I suppose you did. This is one of the various issues plaguing the game, it is on their rather long list of “Top Issues Tacker.” With such an anticipated release, people are starting to wonder if they pushed the release of Battlefield 4 before it was ready. Right now, the connectivity issues is a an unknown. They do not know how widespread it is or exactly what is causing the problem. 

While the above picture is an exact portrait of how many gamers reacted to the release of the game, that hasn’t stopped gamers from filing a class-action lawsuit against EA.

But the issue tracker is so long because it’s with smaller issues, right? Sadly, that is not the case; taken right off the top tracker post is this: 

Before we dive into the tracker, please keep in mind this is not a comprehensive list – we’re working on some smaller fixes as well. Each of the issues in this tracker will have one of three statuses. We’re commited to fixing all issues in this tracker (and more.) 

So how many major issues are we talking? At the time of writing this, there are 22 major issues, while many have been “Fixed Live,” meaning that they’re fixed. We are looking at 11 major issues a month, or almost 3 new large issues a week. This, coupled with new issues being created by fixing things, is like the old saying “It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.”

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