Battlefield Hardline Beta Details Revealed

Visceral revealed details on the gameplay features for the Battlefield Hardline beta earlier this week. However, a release date for the beta has not yet been announced.
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Visceral has finally announced some long-awaited details regarding the Battlefield Hardline beta. First off, the beta will be available on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, and PC. It will also be available to anyone who wants to play, meaning there won’t be any signing up and hoping to be one of the few to be selected. 

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Battlefield Hardline will be taking a new route compared to the previous Battlefield games, as this one will feature a criminals versus cops dynamic. In the previous games, players were strictly veterans of war. But in Hardline, you’ll be choosing whether you want to raid vaults or save hostages. However, in the campaign, players will only be playing as detective Nick Mendoza, meaning there will not be a campaign for the criminals. 

New gadgets, such as grappling hooks and ziplines, will be available to players in order to pull off the perfect heist on the criminals side, while players on the cops side will be required to gather intel and secure the criminals by using non-lethal action. There will also be many new vehicles featured in the game, like muscle cars, sleek bikes, and armored vehicles. 

Visceral will not be adding a cap on the max progression level you can reach, so players will be given the opportunity to test the different classes, experience a variety of different gadgets, and find a crew to take down their foes. 

Unfortunately, there weren’t any updates as to when the beta will become available, but Visceral stated on their website to check back every Wednesday for more updates regarding the game. Battlefield Hardline will be launching at the end of this quarter on March 17th. 

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