Battlerite's first major update includes two new champions, matchmaking changes, and Battlerite tree reworks.

Battlerite Rolls Out Two New Champions in Halloween Update

Battlerite's first major update includes two new champions, matchmaking changes, and Battlerite tree reworks.
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Battlerite released its first major update today, which includes new champions along with matchmaking and champion updates. With this being the inaugural patch for the game, there were lots of changes made. 

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Here’s the rundown of all the new additions and gameplay changes you can expect in this first patch:

New Champions

Jumong — The Beast Hunter

Jumong is a ranged champion with powerful range and trap abilities. His Bear Trap ability has a power Root that can be backed up with a strong Steady Shot dealing 28 damage to enemies.

His ultimate, Dragon Slayer, charges as you pull his arrow, dealing up to 60 damage and pulling the enemy target towards you.  Like pull abilities from other champions, pulling your target into a wall deals 30 extra damage and stuns for 1.2s.

Ruh Kaan- The Crypt Warden

Ruh Kaan is a melee champion with a Defiled Blade weapon charge that has the ability to heal himself after damage and inflict Curse on his enemies. 

His ultimate ability, Shadow Beast, does no damage but instead allows Ruh Kaan to transform into a shadow beast giving him major dodge in sticky situations.

Unranked and Ranked Queues

Since the Early Access release the only matchmaking possibility has been ‘Ranked’, which makes it tiresome for veterans who are queued with new players. Now Battlerite introduces an ‘Unranked’ Queue. There will not be a matchmaking reset to go with this addition yet, but a soft reset can be expected soon. 

Halloween Content

Halloween Chests will be rewarded, containing one guaranteed Epic Halloween item.

List of Batterite Tree reworks:


No longer uses Weapon Charges

-Round 1

  • Giant- Berserk duration is increased by 1s and damage taken during Berserk is reduced by 50%.

-Round 2

  • Crag- Boulder Toss cool down is reduced by 2s and knock back distance is increased by 40%
  • Tenderizer- Landing Smack automatically triggers Eat, healing you for 16 health plus 24 over 4s.

-Round 4

  • War Cry- Casting Berserk reduces nearby enemies movement speed by 50% for 3s. 


-Round 1

  • Ambush- Stealth resets the cooldown of Snipe.
  • Cheap Shot- Disabling Shot inflicts a 1.2s Stealth

-Round 2

  • Desperado- Successfully landing Disabling Shot reloads your guns with 10 Ammo.

-Round 3

  • Black Powder- Junk Shot knock back distance increased by 25%. knocking an enemy into a wall Stuns for 1.2s.

-Round 5

  • Sovereign- While channeling Explosive Shells, you take 75% less damage.

  • Sunrise (Q) now also heals Sirius by default.

-Round 1

  • Sunbath- Charged Crescent Strike empowers your next Sunlight causing two addition beams to strike the same area, healing your nearest ally for 12/6 health.

-Round 2

  • Sunwell- Celestial Split heals 9 more health. Healing an ally reduces cool down by 4s.

-Round 4

  • Radiance- You are healed for 6 health when an ally is healed with Sunlight.


-Round 2

  • Dire Wolf- Ghost Wolf inflicts a 1.2s Root.

-Round 3

  • Ghostly Strike- Spirit Guide Damage increased from 12 to 16 and knock back force is increased by 60%.

-Round 4

  • Shimmering Bond- Spirit Link healing increased from 50% to 60%.
  • Dark Souls- Soul Bind damage increased from 30% to 50%.

  • Blood Axe (M2)- Damage reduced from 16 to 14 and no long inflicts Fading Snare on max charges.

-Round 1

  • Shield Bash- Bulwark can be re-casted when the effect ends to bash the enemy with your shield dealing 6 damage and inflicting a 50% Weaken that lasts 2.5s.

-Round 2 

  • The Red Axe- Blood Axe heals for 4 health plus 2 bonus health per Weapon Charge.

-Round 4

  • Inspiration- Increase max energy by 25% and you gain 10% more energy from abilities.


-Round 3

  • Wonder- Inhibitors Guard absorbs 14 more damage. 

-Round 4

  • Synergy- When Judgement and Corruption are active on the same target, their effects increase from 15% to 20%.

-Round 5

  • Accord- Powers Combined can hit allies, healing them for 14 health.

Some smaller balance and fixes were included for Ashka, Croak, Freya, Iva, Lucie, Oldur, Pearl, Shifu, and Taya.

Check out the patch notes on Steam for the full list of changes.

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