Become a Pokemon Master with Google Maps: Google’s Epic April Fool’s

Google Maps plays the most epic April Fools prank of all.

Google Maps plays the most epic April Fools prank of all.

So you thought to yourself, “Wow, the Game of Thrones/League of Legends cross promotional campaign is awesome! Who could ever beat that?” The answer, of course, is Google and Nintendo. 

Google has been known in the past for epic April Fool’s pranks. Last year, Google produced this video announcing the end of YouTube, and introduced the new Google Nose. To top off both of those, Google has announced that you can “Catch ‘Em All” with their Google Maps app. 

To take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity (assuming that Google actually does shut this down on April 2) simply download the Google Maps app and click on the “search bar.”


Once you hit this screen, your first urge should be to hit the ‘Press Start” button, which will take you on your very first iOS or Android Pokémon journey. 

Getting Started

When I first clicked “Press Start” I was immediately taken to this screen: 

Imagine my delight the when Metagross was the first Pokemon that popped up (it is one of my favorites)! Despite what the video demonstrates, it’s not necessary to physically visit the place on the map to catch a Pokémon. 

Instead, simply zoom in, click on the sighted Pokémon and push “catch”. Each and every catch using Google Maps is a critical one – no wobbling Pokeballs or making them weaker before you catch them. 

With Metagross alone I could probably defeat any silly Google trainers trying to get in my way. 

Catching Them All

Unlike normal Pokémon, there’s a lot more territory to cover than one island. The entire world is your playground as you attempt to find your Pokémon team. Luckily, gamers around the world have begun pooling resources to name Pokémon locations. 

There is a Reddit thread where users are sharing their Pokémon sightings, as well as a Google Document with coordinates and searchable terms to aid in your Pokémon journey.

While I’m assuming there’s no actual prize for becoming a Pokémon Master, this is probably the only chance you’ll get to obtain all the Pokémon without putting in 100+ hours to catch them. You have 48 hours until the stated deadline – get out there and start catching!

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