Behind The Scenes Of Roche Fusion: Making New Space Ships

Behind the scenes of Shmup Roche Fusion: Designing new ships from A to Z.

Behind the scenes of Shmup Roche Fusion: Designing new ships from A to Z.

For people who like to see the process behind a game. In ‘behind the scenes of Roche Fusion’ our artist has been working hard to get some more awesome looking ships. Because we think these ships look awesome, we wanted to share the concept art for our new ships and below you can even see the work in progress from beginning to the final stage.


First stage was sketching and looking for something timid yet interesting which would really seem to be dangerous once transformed.

Here you see ship number one, which has relative more round shapes than the former designs.


The second ship also has more round forms, but it was decided to have it a more biological form.

Working out the forms

Once decided on how they should look, the artist used Flash to draw with and looked in what way the forms could work and got to these designs.

Rough coloring

Here you see the first stage of coloring done in Flash. Here we can try and decide where we want to go further on coloring and detailing.


And here the final step detailing. This is done in Photoshop, using the dodge and burn tools. Also included is an image of a ship which I already worked out, but also needed detailing.

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