Days Gone rumbles onto PC soon with a side car full of customization options.

Bend Studios Announces Days Gone PC Release Date

Days Gone rumbles onto PC soon with a side car full of customization options.

Bend Studios announced the Days Gone PC release date and some of the PC-exclusive features to look forward to when it releases May 18 on Steam and the Epic Games Store. It will also be available digitally at other retailers.

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Days Gone on PC has 21:9 ultra-wide monitor support and unlocked framerates. There’s also a suite of customization options for everything ranging from the level of environmental detail to draw distances and more. Days Gone PC supports first- and third-party controllers, as well as the usual keyboard-and-mouse controls.

One other feature Bend Studios highlighted is an enhanced version of the game’s photo mode. Days Gone‘s PC photo mode supports “super resolution” in addition to the many filters packaged in with the original.

The Days Gone PC release comes shortly after a Bloomberg report saying Bend Studios was forced to cancel Days Gone 2. If true, it’s a bit of a shame. We found the first Days Gone a fun, if derivative, take on the zombie-survival genre, and a sequel could be just what it needs to break the mold.

Either way, it’s not the only PlayStation exclusive headed to PC in the coming months.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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