Best Buy Keeps It Classy With Free Bioshock Infinite

Pre-ordered Bioshock Infinite through Best Buy? You might be getting a free game.

Pre-ordered Bioshock Infinite through Best Buy? You might be getting a free game.
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To the folks who pre-ordered Bioshock Infinite through Best Buy:

Congratulations, you lucky, lucky jerks. 

Late Monday night, Best Buy sent a round of emails to the people who had pre-ordered the next Bioshock installment. “We’re sorry, the item below remains unavailable and the order has been canceled,” the e-mail read. Despite accurately listing the March 26 release date, the listing was classified as back-order instead of pre-order, and a system error dropped around 3,000 legitimate reservations.

And then, instead of throwing their hands in the air and going “uh, oops, whatever,” Best Buy decided to step it up. Some people affected by this bug received an email today solidifying Best Buy’s early entry into the Best PR of the Year contest. 

“Recently, your order for X360-BIOSHOCK INFINITE PREMIUM EDITION (6970182) was cancelled in error. I apologize and understand the confusion and inconvenience that this has caused.

We would like to make it up to you by sending you this product, via expedited shipping, free of charge. You can expect to receive your product around the street date or when the inventory becomes available.”

If you received an email from Best Buy on Monday telling you your pre-order fell through, you should get in contact with a Best Buy representative to confirm. (You can get in touch with Best Buy’s costumer service at 1-888-237-8289.)

If you’re planning on pre-ordering Bioshock Infinite through Best Buy, you might want to wait a little while. From what I understand, nobody over there really knows exactly why this happened, or how to fix it.

It’s still unclear whether or not this offer extends to everyone who lost their pre-order, but has affected orders for the XBox, PS3 and PC. It’s also been confirmed that any version will be honored under this deal, including the premium Songbird edition, netting some lucky gamers eighty bucks back in their pockets for, like… food, or whatever people buy when they don’t take their paychecks directly to the game store.

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