Fallout 76's 2020 content map brings seasons, challenges, and rewards to keep things interesting.

Bethesda Introduces Fallout 76 Seasons, New Content Map

Fallout 76's 2020 content map brings seasons, challenges, and rewards to keep things interesting.

Bethesda unveiled Fallout 76‘s content map for 2020, and one the biggest changes it introduces is Fallout 76 seasons. Fallout 76s seasons replace the old Challenge system and offer “a unified progression path” with tons of new rewards.

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In place of Atoms, Seasons award you with S.C.O.R.E. points you’ll use to unlock rewards as you play through each Season, and this method is meant to make progression more flexible.

You’ll access the current Season progression screen through the Main Menu, and the first one is a Captain Cosmos board game. Everyone starts on the first space, and you’ll move further as you gather more S.C.O.R.E. points.

Rather than going out of your way to complete specific challenges, Fallout 76 rewards you with these points for doing tasks you’d probably do anyway over the course of a normal play session.

Each Season lasts for 10 weeks. After the first two weeks of a Season, though, you can spend 150 Atoms to move ahead by one rank if you want. It’s supposed to let players catch up easily, but it also means you can pay to advance if you really want it that badly.

The specific new additions for each Season are outlined in the Fallout 76 content map at the top of this post, but here’s a short summary.

Fallout 76 Summer Season: Introducing Seasons
  • New High-Level Perks
  • New Legendary Boss Event
  • Finding teams is easier
  • Meat week
  • Fasnacht returns
  • Community challenges
Fallout 76 Fall Season: One Wasteland for All
  • New questline: Steel Dawn
  • Scaling rewards
  • Season 2 refresh
  • Bomb drop event
Fallout 76 Winter Season: Fractured Steel
  • Easier to customize perk builds
  • Build instanced interiors
  • Repeatable missions called Expeditions
  • Daily ops
  • Holiday Scorched event
  • Summer’s Steel Dawn storyline continues with new quests, NPCs, and companions

We’ll be keeping an eye on how Fallout 76 seasons unfold, so stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Fallout 76 news as it develops. If you’re journeying into the Wasteland for the first time with this weekend’s free to play event, check out our extensive Fallout 76 guide collection as well.

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