Bethesda Unleashes Some New Fallout 4 Concept Art

A quick glance at what Fallout 4 has in store for us

A quick glance at what Fallout 4 has in store for us

The return to the wasteland is only a few months away. Fans of Bethesda’s famed open world game are chomping at any bite of Fallout 4 they can get.

After a monster of a  trailer and gameplay demo dropped back at the last E3, it’s been kind of quiet on the Fallout front, except now.

Bethesda released a few new concept art images:

First up we have a beautiful looking drawbridge with an old, rusted ship underneath. It could be that the ship is passing though or it’s been stuck there for ages. Either way it seems that the protagonist, who’s on the left, has some business at that ship.

Is this a tease of what’s to come or early concept designs? It seems like this person is an android. Maybe Fallout 4’s story will involve synthetic machines in some way. If the history of fiction tells us anything, androids and humans don’t mix.

Here’s a closer look at these human-like androids that may or may not be in Fallout 4. They seem to have life like skin similar to the Terminator but it is unknown if their motives involve killing.

Lastly, we have a very familiar shot. Pictured is a member of the Brotherhood of Steel, a faction of survivors that are featured in every Fallout game; their faces are proudly featured on the box covers. 

Fallout 4 is a few months away and Bethesda is still pretty tight-lipped about it. Judging from the trailer there’s a vague idea of a story but we’ll have to wait until November 10 for the game to drop. 

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