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Bethesda’s “NASA-punk” Starfield Given New Trailer at Summer Game Fest 2023

Starfield got a brand new trailer on top of an in-depth look at the gameplay at Summer Game Fest.

We knew that Microsoft and Bethesda had a whole Starfield presentation scheduled for after its main showcase. But even before giving the floor to Todd Howard and the team at Bethesda Game Studios, Xbox couldn’t help but tease us even further. That’s right, Starfield also got a brand new story trailer at the Xbox Showcase at Summer Game Fest.

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We get a lot of gorgeous visuals that show off the expansiveness of the game’s galaxy. We also got a look at the self-described “NASA-punk” aesthetic that the team was going for in creating a new vision of sci-fi space gaming. But the brevity of it all proves the point that this is more of a tease for the presentation that followed it. The new Starfield trailer shows off some fast paced combat, exploring, and looting as well.

To its credit, the trailer shows a good deal of gameplay, both on planets and in space. For the first time, we got to see all different types of worlds and everything new and exciting coming to Starfield. But the trailer also managed to show off the ways in which Starfield will still very much be a Bethesda RPG.

In the more in-depth look, BGS showed off there will be plenty of scavenging and potential for shenanigans. And those NPCs are instantly recognizable as from a Bethesda RPG. But there are a ton of new features too, including ship customization and new tools never seen before in a Bethesda game.

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