Beyond: Two Souls Special Edition Features New 30-Minute Scene

New DLC adds 30 more minutes of additional content to upcoming game.

New DLC adds 30 more minutes of additional content to upcoming game.
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With about a week left to pre-order the new Playstation 3 exclusive title Beyond: Two Souls, gamers might be curious what makes their Special Edition special. 

Quantic Dreams’ DLC is called Advanced Experiment, and will feature a series of training missions as taken by Jodie and Aiden. That means 30 more minutes of additional playable content. 

Beyond: Two Souls is billed as a “unique, psychological action thriller” from the makers of Heavy Rain. Featuring Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe, it’s certainly one of the more star-studded games to be released, and follows the supernatural exploits of Jodie Holmes. The announced DLC will delve further into Jodie’s character. 

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The steel book Special Edition will also feature the soundtrack, which is comprised of the games four main themes, as well as four exclusive “making of” videos with writer/director David Cage, Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe. 

Beyond: Two Souls is set to release October 8th on Playstation 3. You can still pre-order the game, and a demo will be available on October 1st. 

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