Big Delay for Prey 2

Dispute delays Prey 2, will it ever get done soon?

Dispute delays Prey 2, will it ever get done soon?

So it seems Bethesda and Human Head are at a dispute with Prey 2. Bethesda promised a development extension to finish up the game and make it ready for 2012. But They decided to turned around and just buy-out Human Head. 

After a few months of denying funding and the acclaimed extra time, Prey 2 was failing to make ends meet. It turns out Bethesda doesn’t have a legal obligation to make due with what they promised because it’s not in the contract. I guess Bethesda “…thought they could bully [Human Head] into a corner,” a source said.

Bethesda still pushed Human Head to complete the game and Human head pleaded for more time. Of course, this was about the time for Bethesda to try and buy Human Head for a low price. Human Head denied the buy-out and felt Bethesda wasn’t going to really help them with there own creative projects. Bethesda kept on trying, but failed to get with the program.

Eventually, the contract term had came to its end. Bethesda finally gets Prey 2 back and Human Head was definitely done with Bethesda. Finally, Bethesda went with a new development team called Arkane. Nobody knows how much of the game was completed or if Arkane is going to start Prey 2 all over from the beginning.

One thing is for sure, I would really love to see this game get done soon without any more disputes. I can’t wait to see what Arkane can do with Prey 2.

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