BioWare Adds Another “You’ve Been Chosen” Trailer, Twitch Stream Details

You've been chosen: Impact Teaser shows off more of BioWare's new IP.

You've been chosen: Impact Teaser shows off more of BioWare's new IP.

The newest trailer for BioWare’s viral marketing campaign has been released, entitled “Impact” and this time instead of it taking place at night, it takes place during a sunny day in a field.

The trailer starts with a girl, talking. You can barely understand her until she finally says:

“It’s not my fault.”

And you see an entire house obliterated on the ground with her repeating how it’s not her fault. The trailer is particularly chilling not because that there is some sort of specter chasing after her, but that seems to be her own doing.  The words

“Can You Control Your Power?”

Are in the description as well as information about a special fan event at the Cologne Marriot Hotel the day before Gamescom begins in Cologne.  With the following address:

Cologne Marriott Hotel | 08.13.14 | 3PM – 7PM CEST
Johannisstrasse 76-80 Cologne North Rhine-Westphalia 50668 Germany

With a Twitch live Stream time for all of us who aren’t in Germany:


All of these events are taking place in same location: Cologne, Germany. It should be interesting to see just what exactly we are in for with this Live Stream.  This trailer had more of an X-men feel to it than the others and with characters with uncontrollable powers, maybe this new game isn’t the horror game we thought it was.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for updates on the You Have Been Chosen Marketing campaign and other BioWare updates.

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