BioWare announces The Old Republic’s February subscriber reward

Get this cool HK-55 inspired jetpack if you're a subscriber by February 1.

Get this cool HK-55 inspired jetpack if you're a subscriber by February 1.

As part of their subscriber rewards program, BioWare has revealed that February’s reward for Star Wars The Old Republic subscribers is an HK-55 inspired jetpack. Based on the new character from The Old Republic’s recent expansion Knights of the Fallen Empire, HK-55 was quick to endear himself to fans.

BioWare detailed the rewards program back in December and announced that most rewards would be HK-55 themed — thanks in part to the popularity of the character. 

To obtain the in-game item, you have to be a subscriber by February 1st. Then you will receive the jetpack on the 9th, when early access for the brand new chapter of Fallen Empire is opened. 

Subscribers can expect a new reward on the 9th of every month, along with access to the next chapter in the Fallen Empire saga. For those that remain subscribers from January 11th to August 1st gain an added bonus in a bonus chapter where the player gets the opportunity to play as HK-55 himself. 

Additionally, BioWare released a new trailer for the next chapter of Fallen Empire. Details are limited, but it looks like players can look forward to gaining a new ally in the fight against the Eternal Empire. Check out the trailer below.

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