BioWare Wants Anthem to be Better with New Roadmap

Bioware finally talks about its new roadmap for Anthem, and their hope for a better game.

Bioware finally talks about its new roadmap for Anthem, and their hope for a better game.

Anthem isn’t done yet, at least according to a blog post over on Bioware’s website. It’s no secret that the online multiplayer action role-playing game hasn’t exactly had a good time since its release in 2019, and neither have many of the players who have played the game since. 

In the weeks and months following launch, Bioware promised to make Anthem better. And they seemingly tried with a handful of updates, patches, and bug fixes. The Season of Skulls and Icetide brought some new challenges, events, and rewards to the game, but end-game loot and progression still left some wanting. 

In that time, the initial roadmap was scrapped, and a full-fledged change was never implemented. With increasingly stale content — and the fact that Christmas decorations were still up a few days ago  it became unclear if Anthem would ever get its “reboot.”

But the recent blog post seems to point to the opposite:

Over the coming months we will be focusing on a longer-term redesign of the experience, specifically working to reinvent the core gameplay loop with clear goals, motivating challenges and progression with meaningful rewards.

In short, Bioware is aiming to reshape the game into something a bit more palatable, which is a good thing for those that bounced off of it. What this new roadmap will look like is currently anyone’s guess. 

It’s a shame things have gone so poorly for Anthem, though, as the flying and the concepts are quite fun. It was, after all, the best-selling game in February 2019. Good ideas aren’t enough to carry a game through the dark times, but maybe this overhaul will be?

If you’re just jumping into the game for the first time, then you should have a read of our Javelin guide so that you can enjoy Anthem as much as possible. For more on EA’s ARPG, be sure to read our review

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