Black Desert Online Goes Free for Limited Time

Black Desert Online is free for a limited time to celebrate it's 7 year anniversary.

Black Desert Online is free for a limited time to celebrate it's 7 year anniversary.

Pearl Abyss, Black Desert Online developer, has announced a 100% discount on the Traveler Edition of the game on Steam and the official website as part of its seven year anniversary celebration. For a limited time grab the game and $160 worth of in-game rewards. 

Starting Thursday, March 2 at10:00 AM PST and lasting on Thursday, March 9, the base game of Black Desert Online will be available for free on Steam. The official website will have the base game listed for free from Tuesday, February 28 until Wednesday, March 8 between regular maintenance. Other game packages will be up to 70% off. 

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Along with getting the base game for free, there are a variety of log in rewards. For the $160 value reward, you will need to log in between 2/28 through 3/29 to claim. Other rewards include the 7,000 Pearl Giveaway, 700% Exp boost and Garmoth extra spawn. 

Spring Season Servers

With the expected influx of new players, Spring Season servers have been opened. These Spring Season servers are perfect for you to quickly level up your character as there is a permanent EXP boost for all life skill activities. If you are looking to level up an alternate character the Spring Season servers are the perfect place. 

There is a new fish in the Spring Season servers, as well. The “Coleacanth”, once caught, can be exchanged for various seasonal items, such as the Dreamy Crystal of Balance or Burning Moonlight Black Stone x10.

If you need help getting your character leveled, with builds or quest guides, check out our Black Desert Online game page

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