Black Desert Online Land of the Morning Light Trailer Premiers at Summer Game Fest

A trailer for Black Desert Online's next expansion, Land of the Morning Light, highlights new bosses.

Image via Pearl Abyss

The release of the next expansion for Black Desert Online is right around the corner. Land of the Morning Light will be available for you to explore on June 14. With less than a week left, Pearl Abyss is drawing more players in with their latest trailer reveal at Summer Game Fest. This is what was new for Black Desert Online Land of the Morning Light.

The trailer gives us an expanded look at the design of the Land of the Morning Light. Inspired by medieval Korea, the land exudes peace and tranquility. There are flowing rivers and waterfalls, busy streets, fields of flowers — and then bam! Imoogi, the first new boss revealed in the expansion, drops into the trailer, bringing a roaring fury with him.

Video via Pearl Abyss

We also get a peak at some of the other Korean mythology-inspired bosses of the expansion, as well as their domains. There’s the tiger lord Sangoon, who probably resides in the tiger-shaped cave. Songakshi, the vengeful ghost, is waiting outside a small building surrounded by negative energy. Another boss in the fray is the Golden Pig King. These aren’t the only bosses in Land of the Morning Light, as we can see a large dragon and various other potential bosses at the trailer’s end.

Featuring a nonlinear quest progression, the bosses don’t have to be fought in any specific order, allowing you to explore and interact with the new realm how you want. With over 80 cutscenes, the expansion packs in a lot of content to get through. Along with the new area and bosses comes a new game challenge titled Boss Blitz. Here you’ll be able to challenge bosses of varying strengths to earn the highest score on the leaderboards.

While you wait for the release of Black Desert Online Land of the Morning Light, give our Black Desert Online guide hub a search. We’ve got plenty of walkthroughs, news, and more.

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