Black Forest Games has returned to Kickstarter with Ravensdale

Black Forest Games has returned to Kickstarter with a new run & gun game.
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Black Forest Games has returned to KickStarter with a great new game named Ravensdale. This run & gun medieval fantasy game looks to be a great deal of fun. They will build it for the PC platform for 1-4 players to play locally or online. The game is going to combine a medieval world with fun machinery.

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The graphics are gorgeous for what they have built so far. The game play goes very quickly–as you run through a level there are orcs and goblins in measure to kill with plenty of guns and bombs. They are working to make it so that a single player mode is just as fun as a multi-player one and can get through obstacles. It might be in a different manner, but it can be done. The music is provided by In Extremo, a medieval metal band.

If you pledge to help Ravensdale on Kickstarter, you will be allowed to vote on how the game becomes a reality. Part of the rewards to the pledgers is that along the way, the game designers will ask the backers their opinion and take a vote on features or content related design decisions.

Black Forest Games created Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams on Kickstarter in 2012. They were fully funded and met their goal.

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